GPS Everywhere..

April 5th, 2010

Pretty soon, I fear/predict that everything will get a GPS chip. It could be a miniature microchip that can be implanted anywhere. Heck, even humans could get injected with one when they are born! 😉

Elevators with toggle buttons..

May 15th, 2009

The elevator buttons are not toggle buttons. If you press 2 instead of 12, you will HAVE TO visit the 2nd floor before you get to the 12th. These buttons need to be toggle buttons. So you can turn off an accidental press.

Social Networking – with your memories!

December 15th, 2007

(originally posted on Blogger – Apr 04, 2007)

Let’s give a name to this idea first – say, ‘Memlets’

We all live life once, and what we accumulate over the years is not wealth but something even more valuable – memories! They fade with time or get distorted.. Memories are almost always associated with people, some we remember, some we forget. But the fact remains that they were part of our memories at some point.

* What if one could preserve their memories and the people associated with them in one place?
* What if you could search based on a criteria such as some ‘space-time’ constant, and you could get to see all the people at that juncture in life and you could then associate their memories with yours and maybe identify a certain person in their memories as yourself!
* How about a score of how many people have you in their memories? Something like ‘mem-fight’

So a little more detail now..

* What are memories btw? A memory can be a story, a picture, a video, anything.
* You could write a story and mention that a person xyz was with you.
* If you knew xyz has a ‘memlets’ account, you would use a certain feature of this app that will send a ‘memlets memo’ to that person to review this memlet. If he agrees and approves, you could post that memory with a direct reference (link) to him.
* If you don’t know if that person is on ‘’ or that person does not approve, you do not include a direct reference to him. But you could still have your memory on your profile. It just does not become a shared memory with that person.
* Allow memory categories – high school, college, travel, ..
* Let’s say you do not know anyone, then search for them on Give a category, location, approximate time and you can get a list of memories people have on their memlets profiles. Maybe you could find the one you were looking for – something that happened in your high school days, something you experienced while traveling to some place… Let’s say, that person has a memlet that referred to someone who in reality was you! Send that person a ‘memlets memo’! If he recognizes you, he will add a direct reference to you in his memlet. And now the memlet becomes a shared memory between you and that person.
* This way you increase your memlets score.. higher the score, the more you seem to be in people’s memories.
* Allow users to upload pictures, videos for their memories. Sort them by datetime. Help them organize these.
* A memory doesn’t have to be between 2 people alone. A whole group of people could be sharing a single memory
* How about an option in AIM that says “Share this memory with me” that sends a ‘memlets memo’ right away
* A memlet that has a direct reference to you in it, should also appear on your memlets profile as a shared memory or an imported memory.
* You can contribute to shared memory. Your contributions get reflected on profiles of everybody who shares the same memory only if they agree. So everytime you change it, you will be sending a ‘memlets memo’ to all direct references on that memlet. Only when it is approved by all, does it get updated. Otherwise you have 2 options – remove your direct reference from that memory or leave it as it is.
* Let’s say 2 people agreed on a memlet but there was a third one who came on board later and disagreed with the story. He sends a ‘memlets memo’ to everybody on that memory. If they agree, the memlet gets updated and a direct reference is added to this third person. If they don’t agree, it stays as it is. The memlet will not have a direct reference to the third person.
* You could also have your own private memlets profile with nobody to share those memories with..

A bluetooth mouse in your cell phone

December 15th, 2007

(originally posted on Blogger – July 05, 2006)

A bluetooth enabled cell phone can act as a bluetooth mouse?

Car Audio Systems

December 15th, 2007

(originally posted on Blogger –   Nov 10, 2005)

With all the Walkmans, Diskmans and now iPods around us, I am puzzled as to why one has to tune to an FM channel to play music on these portable audio players using the car speakers. Or one has to buy a cassette adapter to play a portable CD player – what a mess, and what if you don’t have a cassette player in your car..

Why can’t car audio systems have a simple connector in front that one can plug his portable audio equipment to and listen to the audio using the car’s speaker system. So the audio out from these portable players can be connected to this connector on the front panel of your car’s audio system which then feeds the audio to the speakers.

Tennis Courts without ball boys/girls

December 15th, 2007

(originally on Blogger –  Oct 21, 2004)

What if Tennis courts had gutters around them and the main court was raised a bit higher.

The players can then just push the ball into the gutter which will have moving belts and they will finally drop these balls into a bucket – one in each corner of the court. The balls will eventually go into a chute which will move and push them upwards.

The players can then pick up the balls from the top without having to bend. No need for ball boys/girls, everything is automated and easy! This is especially useful for non-tournament courts.

Cell Phones with touch screens and on-screen keyboards..

December 15th, 2007

(originally posted on Blogger –  Sep 01, 2004)

This will let us dial without buttons and also do text messaging with a pen like the Palm Pilots’. Isn’t this better than those pull-out keyboards or press “2” three times to type “C” kind of text input?? I thought touch screens were ubiquitous by now!

Free Information Exchange

November 20th, 2007

(originally on Blogger – Sep 01, 2004)

Imagine a traffic jam – only on one side of the road and traffic on the other side is good. Your car is one of the unfortunate ones stuck on the bad side and you have no clue why there is this traffic jam – whether it is an accident or some landslide or just some roadwork. You can’t even get out – there is no way you can go on the other side either.

You see all these cars on the other side, happily cruising at 60 miles an hour and you wonder if only you could stop one of them who must have seen what has happened down the road on your side and find out what it is that is holding the traffic on this side for so long. Not that, this would clear the congestion but atleast that info can put your mind to rest for a while.

Information exchange without knowing someone’s cell number or pager. What if you could just broadcast a “Request for Info” message in the air from some device – say, a PDA – and someone from other side of the road willingly responds to your query and tells you what has happened? Wouldn’t it be nice?

Okay, now it must be a piece of cake to broadcast something in the air these days using all kinds of devices – but these devices don’t talk to each other – so we need a common universal protocol – just like human talking. But well, of course, we don’t want that to transform into something like SPAM. ‘coz right now, one has to atleast know someone’s email id or phone number to talk trash to him! This will just open the doors for every tom-dick-and-harry of the spamming world to have unlimited access to everybody and put our children at risk too.

Wireless Power Transmission:

November 20th, 2007

(originally posted on Blogger – August 30, 2004)

Would like to see home electronics and electrical appliances completely wire free some day..

I think we can do it sometime in the future – We already have telecommunications, broadcasting, wireless phones, computer networks, wireless PC products, a vast array of remote operated devices like TVs/VCRs/Toys/Satellites/Robots on Mars/Spaceships going out of our solar systems/…. We can unlock/Start/Drive cars remotely, we can control things like turning on lights/fans at homes, we have wireless transmission of audio/video signals, Media centers using 802.11b wireless networking and so on..

I am not an expert in energy transmission/distribution or how this will work in the future if someone invents a way of doing it, but my naive concern is whether this kind of remote transmission of power can be safe for us as living beings? Or maybe this is the problem with it anyway?

What is this?

November 20th, 2007

I have a wish list.. for the future. Here is what I would like to be invented!

These wishes may or may not be feasible. They may be just dreams which could become a reality in the future or these may already exist but I may be unaware of them. In any case, it is my wish list!